Classic Massage
Express: $40 | Traditional: $65 | Luxury: $90
Return to your daily schedule refreshed and rejuvenated with a blend of Swedish massage strokes designed to relax muscles, reduce stress related tension and increase circulation

Deep Tissue
Express: $40 | Traditional: $65 | 90 Min: $90
A deeper pressure massage designed to target those specific areas of muscle pain and tension

Express:  $40 | Traditional: $65 | 90 Min: $90
A relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils of your choice designed to ease away stress and tired muscles

Hot Stone Therapy
Traditional: $70 | Luxury: $95
Indulge in deeper relaxation with a hot stone therapy massage to warm and relax your tired muscles

Prenatal Massage
Express: $40 | Traditional: $65 | Luxury: $90
After your first trimester, this specialized massage will carefully ease away your aches and pains

Foot Reflexology
Express: $40 | Traditional: $65
A firm pressure foot massage designed to release energy blockages to corresponding body parts, rebalancing the entire body

*Express Services are approximately 30 minutes, Traditional Services are approximately 60 minutes, and Luxury Services are approximately 90 minutes.